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Naming ceremonies are a way to officially welcome your child into your family.  Often naming ceremonies are conducted in an informal setting at home, garden, park or beach with close friends and relatives.  The naming ceremony honours your child and the name you have given them.  It is also an opportunity to recognise family members/friends and how they will play an important role in your child’s life.  There are no rules in creating a naming ceremony and I will guide you through the different elements to create something special and meaningful.  To mark the milestone a naming certificate and two commemorative certificates (for guardians) will be presented after the ceremony as well as a beautifully presented copy of their ceremony as a keepsake.  Please contact me for further information regarding the special naming ceremony for your loved one.





A wonderful way to reaffirm your love for each other is to renew your wedding vows and say “I still do” to your partner after years of marriage.  Renewal of vows (or reaffirmation of vows) has become popular in recent years from a one-year anniversary to fifty years of marriage, as a beautiful way to express your love and commitment to your lifelong partner.  Some couples who have been married overseas choose to renew their vows with their family & friends.   A renewal of vows ceremony could take part during a party or with a smaller gathering of friends and family at a beach, park or restaurant.  Some couples plan it to be a surprise to their guests, some include special symbolic touches, or it can be just a simple and sincere expression of your love for each other in a very intimate way.

There are no rules in creating a ceremony.  You may wish to follow the format of a traditional wedding ceremony (minus the legal bits) or go for something totally different.  Whatever type of ceremony you choose, I’ll work with you to create something special and meaningful to you both.   To commemorate this special occasion you will receive a decorative certificate and a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.  If you would like to renew your wedding vows, I would be happy to help you plan this special ceremony and officiate for you on the day.  Please contact me for further information.





A commitment ceremony is a beautiful alternative to a wedding for those who are not legally able to marry, not free to marry or who simply don’t wish to marry.  It is a celebration of your love and a public declaration of your desire to live together in a committed relationship.  While certain legal words and processes are omitted, your commitment ceremony can be traditional, formal, relaxed or unstructured.  Whatever your needs are, I am open to all suggestions on how to make your commitment ceremony a perfect and timeless event for you and your partner.  At the conclusion of your ceremony you will be presented with a commitment certificate and a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.  For a special ceremony that reflects your commitment to each other, please contact me for further information.